Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ass Clown of the Week!!!!!!!!

Thank you Manny. You have officially ruined any hope that at least one superstar has been clean in the past twenty years. I always thought Manny was the last guy I would suspect as a drug cheat. For one I just thought he was a guy who likely did not even know what a steroid was. Manny has always been able to hit. He has always been said to be the hardest working hitter in baseball. I believed Manny was a guy that would proudly stand out of the steroid era as a clean superstar. He could have been a drug free 600 homerun club member. He could have been the best hitter of the modern era. He could have been the guy you could point out to your kid and say, that guy did it the right way.
I loved the fun loving player Manny was in Boston. Who could ever forget Manny taking a break in the monster between pitching changes on a hot summer day. Who could forget Manny being Manny. Apparently Manny being Manny means shooting up in the rear with whatever kind of horse steroid you can get your hands on. Then to make it worse, you get your hands on hormone used by WOMEN, to repair the damage done by the horse steroids.
So lets all raise a glass to Manny, the ass clown of the week. Here's to hoping you never grace the doors of the Hall of Fame.

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