Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ass Clown of the Week!!!!!!!!

Thank you Manny. You have officially ruined any hope that at least one superstar has been clean in the past twenty years. I always thought Manny was the last guy I would suspect as a drug cheat. For one I just thought he was a guy who likely did not even know what a steroid was. Manny has always been able to hit. He has always been said to be the hardest working hitter in baseball. I believed Manny was a guy that would proudly stand out of the steroid era as a clean superstar. He could have been a drug free 600 homerun club member. He could have been the best hitter of the modern era. He could have been the guy you could point out to your kid and say, that guy did it the right way.
I loved the fun loving player Manny was in Boston. Who could ever forget Manny taking a break in the monster between pitching changes on a hot summer day. Who could forget Manny being Manny. Apparently Manny being Manny means shooting up in the rear with whatever kind of horse steroid you can get your hands on. Then to make it worse, you get your hands on hormone used by WOMEN, to repair the damage done by the horse steroids.
So lets all raise a glass to Manny, the ass clown of the week. Here's to hoping you never grace the doors of the Hall of Fame.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What is a mistake?

Something I hear over and over again is really pissing me off. Basically it is when I hear the words "so and so made a mistake". For example, Joe Dumbass made a MISTAKE when he got in his car sloppy drunk and killed a family of five. Murdering a family of five doesn't really rank in the same category as when you hit reply all on that email you got last week. How about a kid who robs 6 gas stations before being arrested. What is the first thing his lawyer says. Well little Johnny made a mistake when he robbed those stores, so lets take it easy on him. Really? Did Johnny think it was ok to rob that store, did someone tell him robbing a store was an accepted practice. Was Johnny confused when he robbed those six stores that he was taking part in a socially accepted act. Sorry Johnny but that is not a mistake. When someone misspells a word, that is a mistake. Consciously performing an act which you know to be wrong is not a mistake. I think it is about time we chose a better word for these things. How about we use words like Johnny committed a criminal offense. Lets reserve the word mistakes for things that really deserve it. Like spelling errors and picking up the wrong kind of milk at the store. Just think about your reaction to these two statements. "Sorry honey I must have grabbed two percent milk by mistake." Now how about a little different spin on that. "Sorry honey, I seem to have mistakenly shot three people during a bank robbery on the way home. Oh, and the police are probably on the way here now." Do you see my point now?

The Journal Is Back Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Boards are over!!!!!!!!!!

So I finished my boards today. That is basically the last step before I start at the hospital. I will be starting around September first, which is when I will be starting the daily journal of the hospital goings on. For anyone who is a Grey's Anatomy fan like my wife I guess you can read up and see if hospital life is really just a twisted soap opera after all. Till then we will keep up with some more youtube action. By the way I have found a new favorite show. If you haven't caught Friday Night Lights the tv show I would suggest you do. Re-runs are on universal HD right now and it has become my new favorite show. Check it out!!!!!!